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Herald has a long-held reputation as a supplier of quality eco-friendly disposables. However, the popular catering supplier has further raised its game by committing to the expansion of its sustainable product range across the board this year.

Having identified that most of its customers want more choice around eco-friendly goods, Herald is also recognising a definite appeal to sourcing all sustainable products from the same supplier.

Herald’s managing director, Yogesh Patel, commented: “We have a national standing as a supplier that provides a wide range of choice – but we need to make sure that this identity is apparent when it comes to greener products.”

Supported by a 35-year history of identifying where customer value lies and delivering without sacrificing quality, Herald is in constant talks with suppliers to review and expand its offering. The company currently has a popular eco range, which includes an extensive selection of compostable cups and bagasse items comprising square, round and rectangle plates, in varying sizes. This is in tandem with bowls and hot boxes, chip trays, burger boxes, noodle boxes and other lunch boxes. It also has a complete selection of wooden and cornstarch cutlery.

Yogesh added: “Most consumers are eco-conscious, so it makes sense that ‘food to go’ providers are sourcing disposable cutlery, meal packs, bags, cups and lunch boxes that qualify as sustainable.

“The expectation of the end-user should impact on any disposables selection. With additional law changes regarding plastic, you can see why sustainable goods are fast becoming the only feasible course of action when it comes to sourcing disposables.

“Our job as supplier is to make sure the choice is varied and affordable, so we’re committed to expanding our product offering to ensure this is the case.”

For information on Herald, visit heraldplastic.com or call 0208 507 7900 to order a copy of the catalogue.