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Alto-Shaam's Converge Multi-Cook Ovens

Using Alto-Shaam’s structured air technology, these latest ovens are available in two- or three-chambered versions. Their ventless, self-cleaning design can steam, air fry, bake, grill and more, all at the same time, without flavour transfer. They increase production capacity without increasing labour demands, eliminating the need for staff to watch or rotate pans.

It delivers superior cooking evenness, with air entering vertically from the rear of the oven. This optimised, focused heat delivers faster, more efficient and consistent cooking than other methods. There is no food degradation and no hot or cold spots.

A key feature of the Converge ovens is the boilerless steam generation in each chamber, eliminating maintenance and costs associated with traditional ovens using boilers. Their automatic, self-cleaning programme also saves on time and labour costs. Using safe, convenient cleaning tablets, there are four cleaning options, from rinse to light clean to medium clean to heavy clean.

Temperature, fan speed, humidity level and cook time can be controlled individually in each oven chamber. Food items are cooked to precise internal temperatures with removable food probes. Advanced controls ensure menu consistency and reduce the need for skilled labour, with simple touchscreen navigation and multi-step, programmable recipes. Recipes can be easily uploaded and downloaded via a USB port.

The Deluxe control ovens incorporate Alto-Shaam’s ChefLinc, a cloud-based remote oven management software, which streamlines processes and maximises profits with data-driven insights. Users can push and pull recipes, view real-time oven data, update software and more from anywhere. The Deluxe models also have LED-illuminated door handles, providing visual notification of the oven status.

There are four models in the range: two and three shelf Simple control versions and two and three shelf Deluxe control versions.