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Considered a global benchmark for best practice in food safety, quality and responsibility, the BRC Double ‘AA’ grade was awarded to the Norfolk-based brand following an unscheduled inspection last month, covering the ready meals and sandwiches, ready-to-eat desserts and bakery product categories.

Managing director, Edward Miles, explained why certification is so important: “This rating represents the gold standard for food production, not only giving customers complete peace of mind that we are consistently compliant and meeting high standards, but it also enables us to monitor our own performance and identify any opportunities for improvement.”

Miles continued: “Having this accreditation assures our customers of optimal quality in everything we do and is an invaluable business asset. The AA+ rating confirms to anyone working with us that every item that leaves our factory is clean, has been produced in accordance with the most stringent safety protocols and is fully traceable.”

Frank Dale prides itself on being a specialist in frozen and chilled occasion food and has earned a strong reputation amongst chefs, caterers and within the foodservice world for the consistent delivery of exceptional pastry products (quiches and pies), canapes and cakes, including the brand’s signature British miniatures.